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7 effective ways to market your cash gifting opportunity

7 Free and Inexpensive Ways to Market Your Cash Gifting System

Marketing your cash gifting system does not have to cost you a ton of money nor should you go to poorhouse! I want to outline for you some of those ways, I really want to drive this home to help you understand and eliminate some of the confusion. Believe me I truly know from personal experience how much this can split hairs.

Easy Does It!
You are simply marketing yourself (don’t market the system or the program). People are attracted to person who is proposing the plan to them. So be yourself, show who you really are. Just think about it this way, lets say you went to a fine Italian restaurant, and you think to yourself of a dish that you want to try but you are not sure about it. Chances are if you’re in a reputable restaurant, the server will want to be as friendly and classy as possible, so they will tell you that they like that certain dish, and also tell you what it is that they like about it. This server will actually get you to try that dish. If you have a server that seems indifferent about the question you will remain undecided about that dish and just go with something that you would normally order. (Always keep in mind that people will be drawn to you-not the system).

With cash gifting there are no products to sell or promote, nor to buy or stock!

You must Learn Internet Strategies

Do you realize how powerful the Internet is? Sites like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Squidoo, etc., make it possible to connect with people globally.

In a split second, you are involved with millions of people everywhere.

These are only a few of the social media sites and they are FREE. That means free advertising, free networking, and free exposure. In fact, this medium of marketing is so powerful that even celebrities are making use of it (go to youtube and look up P.Diddy’s Channel). You would wonder why a music mogul such as Sean P.Diddy Combs would bother with something that is free…well, he is one hell of a marketer for one, secondly, he sees the value of attraction marketing and connecting with people on a more personal level! Do you see my point?

Google realized the power of this kind of marketing and knew that people would be all over it. That’s why they purchased it for a few billion dollars! Your youtube videos will show up in google searches if you correctly use keywords and strategize – this means free traffic! You should also note that youtube is being used largely as a search engine in its self, meaning that people are so fixated on instant information that often they would rather watch a video, instead of reading.

Start A Blog or a Basic Website:

This is so easy. Get a website going about who you are and what cash gifting is to you. You can use links to that website or blog through emails. If you find it difficult to be creative or write blogs, you can find people online to write for you. You will find much satisfaction in writing your own content though. It’s a matter of time equity.
Blog sites are places people go to get information on any topic imaginable. Starting a blog site with information about your program, and links back to your main website, will increase traffic to your site, drawing more people into your cash gifting program.
Submit Articles To Directories

Have some basic articles written about your program. Find out what the best keywords are so that search engines will recognize and rank your articles, and provide links back to your site. Increasing traffic to your site will directly affect your profits. The more traffic you can generate, the more profit you will make.

Become Your Own Boss!

Be the CEO of your own online home business and your own life. Don’t let anything get in your way. There are multiple ways to get others excited about cash gifting with you, the direction you go is completely up to you.

I’ve helped you to identify 7 ways you can market your cash gifting system in an inexpensive way, now it’s just up to you to get started!
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