Saturday, March 28, 2009

The People's Program Review

By Jason Colon
I got involved in the peoples program in January of 2009, and it has gone phenomenally well. I had been in involved in cash gifting prior to this point, the other program that I am in is also doing really well for me. The website for the other program that I am in is here

The peoples program has a residual structure which works for a lot of people and there is no one up which is more attractive to so many more people as well. You can start in this program at $150 which is so affordable and there is a $50 admin for setting everything up. At that level your inviter would receive $125 and their inviter would receive $25. This residual works the same way through out all of the levels.

Depending upon your initial TPP entry level, and for each and every new member you enroll into the program, you'll receive cash gifts from the $150 Level to the $10,000 Level IMMEDIATELY. Zero qualifier needed!
Each member you personally enroll into the TPP program will also have ALL their personal enrollments send you "RESIDUAL" Cash Gifts depending on the TPP Level.

There are NO BOARDS to fill, NO MATRIXES to split or stall and NO BINARY to balance. Our residual cash-flow syste out-performs ANY other program out there.

Here's where you can begin to VISUALIZE the steady stream of cash that's generated by this powerful system and it's all based upon residual cash-flow. It's real, it's life changing, and it's simple.

Another very important aspect of our activity is the system and tools that are in place for you to be successful. These are just some of the tools that are available:

Private, password protected website.
* Recorded calls available 24/7.
* Various in-place lead systems that will bring people to you who are seriously looking to generate cash.
* FREE website marketing system.
To find out more info please visit my site by clicking here TPP Jason Colon

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